Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 14th -16th 2009-

January 14th - Josh, M.J., and I jammed in some kind of cold to the constant humming buzz of kerosene fumes. The night was fresh being that it was like frozen in a negative Fahrenheit type of way. I felt good and we made some neat sounds. Schvee, Derek, and Nathanael were stiff frozen and our feet were frozen just the same so we proceeded to head inside where consequently the night died and the people lost their cold buzz. How do nights just die? People claim that once you get out of high school nights lose their significance, but I think they're delusional.

January 16th- I played at the Garfield artworks with Rock Rifle, Jenn Gooch, David Karsten Daniels, and the Lampshades. It was so very, very cold in a Pittsburgh way. I was happy, but even when I was warm it seemed I was shivering. I was a rigid nervous cold. A pretty usual crowd of supportive awesome friends tagged along- I love when they do. Carrying the equipment in the bitter cold was a bitch so you can probably guess how little practice I've been getting in this weather. While carrying my tom drum I slipped on the ice and slammed my hip so hard I thought my organs were bleeding causing a discomfort nearly the whole night through. The acts were great. I played like a nervous wreck in a dischord state that was somehow enjoyable to the people. I kept my cool kind of and acted confident enough that the people enjoyed it I guess. I played on the side of the artworks instead of the stage which allowed movement to arise. I loved the crowd that was there too. A lot of sincere and a lot of cute and fun music. David Karsten Daniels ( was the travelling act and you could see it in his weary kind eyes. Being in my jumpiness I must have seemed a bit overwhelming and awkward, but all the same he kept about his calm way. I admired the bits of wisdom his mind contained and the way he used those wisdoms in his projection. Rock Rifle is always cute and lovable and they are such nice people. Their music is semi-disorganized and her band members sway. Emily- Albert and Blakely I believe were their names and they all are good people and interesting ones too. It's a shame to have such little time to talk with people at these events. I have wanted to see Jenn Gooch ( for a while. Her music is beautifully rattled on a baritone banjo and her songs remind me bits of my old, old music and brought up campfires memories. The Lampshades were a fun talented batch with something to offer that is forming and forming and will keep on if they stay together. Their lead singer Jaren was very talented and had some good soul. With the semi-primitive approach they had they were a perfect end to a good night with a bruised hip.
next friday i'm playing at the Gooski's bar with one of my favorite Pittsburgh musicians Samuel Pace and his band Italian Ice. i'll post the flyer, Peace and love.

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