Monday, June 8, 2009

The show I got gem's number.

This was a rather imortant show for me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Longmore Academy Dr. Dunmire speech and the infamous BELLRAIN recording sessions

Belle and Lorraine: - sorry .WAV files


As you know Doctor Dunmire is resigning as principal as Longmore academy. Which is indefinitely a sad day in the schools history. It is hard to say what that means for the future of the school since we can’t read the future like we can a book and Longmore is so strange. Her presence has been, but another addition to the unique history of a place that has bred all different types of emotions and situations. A place where all different types of people are merged together to learn about life through experience (whether they know it or not or whether they ever realize it). Teachers , faculty, and students alike are all under the constant impression of each other. I have known most only kindness from Miss Dunmire and for that I thank her- I have had an experience at Longmore I can never forget- and she is , but another addition to what I can only describe as an awe inspiring amalgamation of emotion and life. She genuinely cares for the kids and hopefully the next principal can be as showing of that. It is confusing and frustrating in the walls of this building I have come to know so well.

- And now- in speaking directly to you , Doctor Dunmire, I have a favor to ask of you and it is extremely important. Assess your story here- remember the events that took place and the people and really dig deep into the fabric of your experience and dissect it and understand what you’ve learned as a student of life’s strange paths. You were selected as a principality for a school that contains some of the most interesting occurrences and life lessons and people. I can’t know how you feel or why you’re leaving, but I will ask for you to feel grateful to have known Longmore Academy (and its people and existence) the same way I (and others) am/are grateful to have known you. I ask you in whatever may come in your life to be open-minded and creative and not restricted by the confinements of modern societies lies and artificial plastics.’ Be a good influence on people by trying to help them understand a good concept of self.

- Advocate peace and love and take time to say a thank you to the bizarre placement you’ve witnessed and been a direct part in.

I on the other hand have been a blurred figment of your imagination waving a tired hand in the wind praying to escape what is and what isn’t all while being alive looking at myself having already escaped.