Wednesday, April 29, 2009


These images are photo manipulations I've made on my account at Longmore over time.

So, i am now attempting to drain some frustration mid-school day at Longmore Academy.

This past weekend was beautiful and brought gifts of sunlights and possibly once again another attempt at having some sort of girls presence in my life.

I look forward to these times, but also dread them due to my insufficient pathetic run away patterns of dealing with my flaws.

Yesterday, I had a fine day at school - one that involved sun and did the cliche rain as soon as school ends. I got home and napped only to wake bitter to CMT blasting on every television in my household {a semi-common event}. I was so irritable that over dinner I said an evil thing thing to my mom - I think- as a product of being scared of it all. I am so tired of being afraid to have a simple human problem and I only keep getting older. It is rediculous to make a big deal of it. I shouldn't let these things get buried so deep into my head that it affects my entire self.

--But the white blossoms are alive and that could be symbolic. I need positivity badly. I need deep acceptance.

This morning I was bitter once again- gray skies for a week is what they call for. Thursday I take my drivers test which will cement my destiny as human being it seems. FUCK.