Thursday, January 28, 2010

this and that and how it is

knowing for sure it will leave.
magnetizing oppurtunity and being unsure of the future (expectedly).
i'm tied down and you're blooming away from me (expectedly).
but it's still absolutely beautiful to watch.
will it come back?
what a brilliant distance- what a brilliant hope.
maybe i'll be in a place that glistens when it all opens up down the road.
time away from the constant pull.
healthy on all ends.
i will not slave forever.
the work will be released on my terms and happiness will prevail.
i am a golden boy.
i can't wait to see you then and show you myself.
display our progressions to each other.
success is blood and thought.
being free is a must for a period of growth.
hopefully our paths intertwine again-
when it happens i'll give you a flower.
and a seed of a tree.