Monday, February 2, 2009

The city, recent news- my thoughts- some free songs pt.1


Our trip to Philadelphia was a good one. I enjoyed it. I like Pittsburgh much more though. I like the vibe and it feels more comfortable for me. I could see indefinitely how people could call it home though. The universities are great and so are the arts that decorate the buildings all around that big city. Josh , Kara and I took a deadly adventure into a ridiculous snowstorm to go to Philly to see Temple University and see a ridiculous adult swim comedy (that was astonishing). We stayed with kind hearted people who were all cute in their little light blue apartment. South Philadeplhia. -and the drive back was a new peek at the state I love. The great Pennsylvanian expanse- so, so nice.

Also here is my last live show in a compressed folder for download
Gooski's january 23 2009
and here are the recordings of my potential upcoming band with Noland and Josh, I think a settled name is, "brother my"

The photos up there are a little mixed up chronologically and this is only part one of an entire entry I'm too tired to write- pce & lve -deano

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  1. d-d-d-d dean, your photos are incredible! i should be ashamed for being amongst the rolling hills of scotland and taking such shit photos.
    thanks for the download. ^.^