Sunday, February 8, 2009


Almost productive in this ice land- decently happy all the same.
I have nothing really terrible to complain about- tryin' to break the "all I do is bitch thing."
Making audible constructions- I almost painted last night, but still haven't painted.
I have enough time to drink and smoke pot though.
Sound has been so good to me this winter.
I love the sound, thank you "x".
Made some classic comedy at the Butler apartment with Joshua. (soon to be posted.)
Drank some vodka last night, and went to Edinboro to visit Jeff today with Steig-Blossom.
Met a square.
Had an epiphany having to deal with me extending myself through physical objects like a virus.
Starting to think I'll never see the opposite again-
the opposite, the opposite- -
Do i want? Or do I need?

I put a new song up on the myspaces network. It's called "who is the greatest one (why won't you let me go)". It's about overcoming yourself in a battle against yourself within yourself and recognizing your power while realizing your nothing. Trrrripppppy, maaaan.
Better pictures coming soon from these little moments as well.
Still am postponing on behalf of tiredness and procrastination the second half of the last entry.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The city, recent news- my thoughts- some free songs pt.1


Our trip to Philadelphia was a good one. I enjoyed it. I like Pittsburgh much more though. I like the vibe and it feels more comfortable for me. I could see indefinitely how people could call it home though. The universities are great and so are the arts that decorate the buildings all around that big city. Josh , Kara and I took a deadly adventure into a ridiculous snowstorm to go to Philly to see Temple University and see a ridiculous adult swim comedy (that was astonishing). We stayed with kind hearted people who were all cute in their little light blue apartment. South Philadeplhia. -and the drive back was a new peek at the state I love. The great Pennsylvanian expanse- so, so nice.

Also here is my last live show in a compressed folder for download
Gooski's january 23 2009
and here are the recordings of my potential upcoming band with Noland and Josh, I think a settled name is, "brother my"

The photos up there are a little mixed up chronologically and this is only part one of an entire entry I'm too tired to write- pce & lve -deano