Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i feel like i want to die so abruptly-
we'll work through this- holy shit
instant worry and paranoia
i know what we have is true- so we can't let this affect us so deeply
it makes me so sad to hear you cry
this kind of thing points directly at my fear
it points directly at me not being good enough for you- which is untrue and wrong
i can't put myself down anymore
it's a hard struggle for you- but it's both of us
we can pull through the adversity because we have love
-it's hard to deal with on both sides- believe this if anything darling
to hear you cry pierces me
i'm trying so hard to piece together what positivity i can in this
and i am good for you love
fuck my life
how can i even get through this forced day now
i could hardly even sleep last night
every word i said was wrong and unwanted and or already said
so- let's deal with it up front once the bad feelings have left
i'm here and not leaving-
it can be simple- i swear it, but i need to step up and show you
help me.

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