Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Nice sun this morning.

Last night was strange and possibly showing towards what I've needed.

There was definitely some figure eight emotions thrown around.

-Honesty has always been good and real.

It's hard to be honest with even yourself and truth is hard when you expect to be judged.

With the way people are now {closed minded, hurtful} how are you supposed to react.

Life is not television and things that aren't "normal"

should be able to be addressed just the same.

My past is riddled just the same.

My present is riddled with mysteries of an upcoming question answered.

I feel more confident now for the first time though because I know that I'm not alone in being a bizarre human.

I hardly heard any of the tarot reading nor did I know the question, but i knew it was right.

You say things for a reason- even if they're lies.

You don't define good or innocence or beauty-

Your brain just goes wild inside with it's interpretations due to environment and past experiences and your idea of what others would think.

I'm always waiting, and it is so annoying.

I always hated the lobby.


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